Active Wear With Ecological Wool


The sports wear and the fitness equipment is perhaps the most realistic way of seeing and understanding quality clothes.

When these clothes happen to be part of our daily life and activity and accompany you in keeping fit is only logical they would be organic and eco friendly for our benefit as well as for the benefit of the environment.

Icebreaker’s Ultralite series is 100% merino wool, organically obtained from New Zealand sustainable sheep farm.

Incredibly comfortable, light and letting the skin breathe, this amazing fitness line seems to be the right choice for anyone who wants to have a good time while trying to stay fit and also keep the environment in mind and spirit.

The Ultralite tops for both man and women start at $59.99 and go as far as $89.99 while leggings can be bought from $59 to $109. You can either buy these in a shop or you can order them online on the Icebreaker site.


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