A Bundle Of Places On Earth Where Life Is In Danger


Everyone has heard about going green, saving the earth and eco friendliness, right? Apparently, this is not as well known as you would think.

There are still places where the people do not seem to care that we are killing the earth and they are using all of the natural resources and make as much garbage as they can

Then you get the people that don’t even seem to want to clean up the filth right in front of them. For example, the Citarum River in Indonesia supplies the water for nearly 5 million people who live in and around its basin.

It also happens to be the most polluted river in the world. Can you imagine getting water from a river where you cannot even see the water for the trash floating on top of it?

These people do…on a daily basis. They cook with the water flowing under the trash, they take baths in the very same water and they even drink from the river of garbage.


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