Vermont Soap Organics – The Way To An Eco Shower


In case you are tired of products that are labeled as organic, while they actually have nothing to do with it, just go for products of the Vermont Soap Organic. This is the company that made one of the first organic shower gels, that contain only eco clean ingredients and it is chemical-free.

The organic shower product has a lovely lavender scent, because it is based on organically grown lavender. The Vermont Soap Organic is also releasing Moisturizing Shower Gel, based on different flowers of organic plants.

The brand has been trying to insert organic products into the cosmetic industry. Alas, most of the companies we know are promising “herbal” essential oils, based on chemicals and synthetics, which can cause allergy reaction.

The artificial scents are also bad for the skin and environment. Therefore, the company is launching a new generation of organic cosmetics that is pure, natural and contains only environmental-friendly antioxidants such as rosemary extract, lavender oil and other eco essences.

For instance an organic soap is thousand times more useful for your skin and health than any other soap. Avoiding cosmetic products, based on chemicals is actually a goal for the ecologists. Since years they have been trying to convince the public that buying organic products is a step into a greener future.


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