Using Recycled Toilet Paper Can Say A Lot About Our Way To Save The Forest


Recycled toilet paper probably doesn’t sound good to you, but actually this is the future, in case you care about the environment and ecology. According to recent researchers, we are basically flushing forests down the toilet.

There is even a statistic that shows disturbing fact – the average American is flushing about 57 sheets of toilet paper per day. The figures are growing also in China and Western Europe, despite the efforts for recycling and re-using even the toilet paper.

There are already eco-friendly toilet papers in the market. The problem is they are usually more expensive than the others, but doing this you are actually saving a forest.

The experts are advising to use portable-self-wash systems, but this is a decision, which requires more efforts. Still, 14.5 million tons of office paper and newspaper in the U.S. gets trashed with no chance for recycling.

Therefore recycled toilet paper was turned into a proper decision. Of course there are disadvantages of using it, because recycled paper isn’t as soft as the virgin paper, but still it is an effort to prevent a wasteful future filled with trashed toilet paper.


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