US Fitness Routine Follows The Green Trends


The green technologies seem to be the goal even for the common fitness clubs. Lately there is a strong tendency in which, the health clubs are seeking green buildings, practices and equipments.

The newly opened fitness clubs are now settled in green buildings and offer green generated devices. The tendency is so popular that emphasizes even the smallest details, which also can be greener.

The adopting of the green practices is now anywhere. Any modern health club is now equipped with recyclable and sustainable devices.


In the biggest cities the clubs are offering even towels, made with organic fabrics. The old fashioned showers are now replaced with modern water-saving systems. Despite the recession, the industry can afford such a green improvement.

According to the official statistic, the health club sector is growing as it marked two percent rising to $19.5 billion in 2009. Therefore the industry is inserting greener practices and technologies.

There are people, which are claiming that soon in the fitness clubs the energy will be generated from the customer’s kinetic energy, which they will produce while exercising. This is still in the sphere of the suggestions, but clearly – the gyms are ready to embrace the green style more than ever.


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