Types Of Organic Towels And Why People Use Them


With the fast changing environment around us, we often go back to the basic to make sure our family’s health and our environment are not compromised. Organic living is a fast growing lifestyle we could all adhere to.

Trends in organic fabrics are up and about and ready to give us all healthy benefits. Among the most common products of these organic fabrics are the organic towels.

Many merchants are now learning to the production and supply of these kinds of towels for both health and aesthetic value.

Common types of organic towels

Cotton organic towels are made from organic cotton and are chemical and pesticide free. They are also unbleached and undyed which gives a natural feel to your skin. It is further classified to:

  • Hand loomed cotton organic towels are manufactured using the old methods of the jacquard looms and are vegetable dyed. They are soft, absorbent and come in a number of elegant designs.
  • Waffle styled organic towels are lightweight and quick drying. They are made from 100% organic cotton and yarns.
  • Diagonally weaved twill organic towels are available in many colors and you can be assured that the coloring used are chemical free.
  • Terry cloth organic towels are made from organic cotton which are turned to yarn and thereafter woven into the fabric and are processed in warm water. Again, no chemicals are used in creating these luxurious towels.
  • Organic towels with the infusion of organic cotton and bamboo have 70-30% composition which is ideal for beach, spa, pools and picnics. They are all natural and do not shrink.

Bamboo organic towels are made from the highly sustainable bamboo variety which have silky fiber and are anti bacterial and highly absorbent, which makes it an excellent choice for hygienic purposes.

  • The lightweight varieties are 100% bamboo, making it so soft. Their white colored towels are dye free.
  • The luxury type is thicker and is still 100% bamboo and is available in a variety of colors.

All these organic towels are available in different sizes and colors. Face cloths, hand towels, baby towels and bathrobes are also available.

The joy of having organic towels

With the increasing benefits of organic living, having organic towels is among the best ways to protect your family from any health related issues brought about by chemicals and pesticides which may be in contact with the skin.

  • Organic cotton and bamboo towels are gentle on your face and body. Added to this is the fact that it also enhances and add warmth in your bathroom.
  • It is highly recommended by dermatologists for patients with skin allergies and is sensitive to dyes, bleaches and other chemicals.
  • Recuperating patients from surgery or after intensive medical procedures also uses and enjoy the benefits of the organic towels.
  • You will definitely smile upon learning that these organic towels are hypoallergenic, durable and you are creating a sustainable environment for you and your family.
  • Having organic towels indeed makes a difference by helping our environment against a hefty amount of pesticide usage.


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