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An Italian research team has made another eco technology, which will ease recycling and will raise it to a new level.

The Dustbot is a Segaway-powered robot, which travels from home to home and collects people’s garbage by request. The researchers at the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna CRIM Lab in Pisa are the creators of this super robot and the main goal was to help people improving recycling.

Dustbot is created with a lot of technological options and what amazes in this invention is that this is the first robot made to run in urban environments.

The robot, which is now very popular in Italy, is going for some other improvements and it is expected that it will be released in a special series. The Dustbot will come whenever your garbage is ready to be picked up, after it is notified by a mobile phone.

Another of the goods that the robot is offering is in its ability to select the type of garbage. After it chooses the trash or recycling, the robot carries it to the right location, depending on the type of the garbage.

The Italian researchers are also preparing cleaning robots and a new session of ecological friendly robots, which will possess even more goods, when it comes to recycling.


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