The Arctic Is Sending A Signal About Global Warming Demanding Rules


The Arctic is one of the sceneries we are all sure of when thinking about our world. As the global warming is changing the structure of the Arctic, the WWF is sounding an alarm signal about the consequences that may appear hidden behind the new opportunities created by the melting of the Arctic.

Apart from just the important changes in the planetary oceans related to the phenomena, the changing Arctic is creating new fishing routes for which there is no legislation.

The Russian president, Medvedev, during his visit in Oslo will meet with the Arctic council in order to establish the logical consequences of the changes.

These changes will open the Northern Sea route and turn Siberia into an important step for the fishing trails as well as for the oil and gas exploitation.

The WWF urged the Arctic Council to consider and evaluate the impact this new legislation will have on the ecosystem of the arctic and how it will influence the marine life.

The fishing routes of the Arctic are responsible for supplying the fish for most of the European continent. Along these, powerful energy companies like Exxon Valdez will be eager to launch exploitation in the area.
In spite of the above, the Arctic Council should consider the environmental consequences and make sure their effect on the Arctic ecosystem is carefully contained.


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