Sustainable Living Is The Way To Go


We cannot deny the fact that we live in a world that is faced with the depletion of natural resources due to the lack of environmental awareness and abuse of nature.

With the rising population and advancement of industrial machineries to live up to the demand of everyday living, we are faced with an environmental crisis.

The truth in it is that we use more of our natural resources than we actually give back. There is no surprise in the fact that, for those who care and are environmentally aware, sustainable living is becoming a way of life.

Sustainable living refers to the practice of using less of our natural resources by limiting excess consumptions of resources and recycling them for future use.

The aim is to preserve what resources we still have for the use of future generations to come.

Sustainable living can start within you, your home, and your family. Change starts from within, and there are many ways to accomplish sustainable living.

First, we need to be more responsible and aware of the contributions we give that can alter our environment’s natural cycle. It is a must that we can determine our negative contributions before we can remedy this to convert them to positive ones.

Here are some of the details you may want to look into to promote sustainable living:

1. Use of renewable energy

This pertains to the energy we use for everyday living such as electricity. Traditional use of electricity may prove to be very costly and the manner in which electricity is delivered for our use may also be a negative effect to our environment.

  • Solar Power – this is a good alternative to use aside from our traditional sources of electricity. It contributes to sustainable living by utilizing the power of the sun to generate electricity that can be used to power appliances and other needed necessities at home.
  • Biomass Fuels – this is a renewable energy which is derived from trapping living waste and transformed to energy. This is an alternative standard for sustainable living and can be utilized in farm lands and larger estates.

2. Use of water supply

The consumption of water that is used for everyday life can be greatly reduced by sustainable living.

The water we use for our daily consumption comes from a source that can be greatly in danger and suffers the possibility of depletion due to the number of people that avail of it.

A home made rain collector can contribute to sustainable living by using rain water that can be collected and used to irrigate gardens, wash dishes, cars, and personal consumptions.

3. Use of public and private transport

    Using public transport may greatly reduce the cost of everyday transport for you, but contributes to a greater abuse to our environment.

    Transportation uses a lot of fossil fuels that emits pollutants in our environment. Meanwhile, you can use other means of transport to get around by using bicycles or by simply walking.

    It contributes in saving our environment and proves to be good exercise that is good for our body.

    Sustainable living is a way of life everybody should consider. It has all the positive points that everyone can benefit from.

    It saves the environment and preserves whatever resources we have for other generations to benefit from. It is also a cost effective way to save money to reduce expenses in your home.


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