Samsung Makes Huge Steps For The Environmental Cause


Recently one of the biggest companies in the World, Samsung, revealed their environmental plans.

The company is going to invest over $20 billion into green energy and health care. The investment will be applied in the next decade as the company is planning to improve its business plans about energy, health and ecology.

The spokesperson of Samsung explained that most of the money will be spent on solar cells for hybrid vehicles, medical devices with green powering, as well as researchable cells. The company is the world’s biggest maker of flat screen televisions and memory chips.

samsung green energy & healthcare

The last statistic shows that Samsung turns to be the second largest mobile phone producer in the world. This figures made the company even more responsible for the environment, therefore they will change their entire business plan for the next decade.

Sustainable energy producing is also in the list of the company’s goals, said the official information. So far, Samsung has always been an example for corporate responsibility. The new green business plan is also an opportunity for nearly 45,000 people, because it will open new jobs all around the world.

The huge investment is expected to be worth it, because by the end of 2020 the company is going to gain double profits.


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