Paris Can Be The New Green Bicycle City


Paris is going to be next green capital of Europe, when it comes to environmental-friendly transport. The Paris plan for entering the green system for transport was suggested by Mayor Bertrand Delanoe.

The Mayor released the so called “Velib” plan. The plan includes a new bicycle rental scheme. According to it, the residents and the tourists will be provided with bicycles instead of taking taxis or driving their own automobiles.

The authorities will soon vote for increasing the number of bicycle paths. The current path is nearly 440 km, while the new path will be 700 km. The plan is going to be put to work by the end of 2014. For that aim, Paris is going to build over 1000 new bicycle spots.

The new plan came after Paris organizations alarmed that the city is producing lots of carbon emissions and its atmosphere contains toxins that can be reduced with the bicycle scheme.

The news about the “Velib” has provoked different and mostly skeptic reactions. The citizens of one of the most visited cities in the world says that a similar plan was voted in 2004, but it never started to work properly.

As for now, the Mayor relies on the bicycles plans, for this will reduce the bad emission and mostly will reduce the traffic, which is also a serious issue for Paris.


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