Paranoid Enough To Pay A Fortune For A Doomsday Reservation?


Ironic and as a proof we are living in fearful times, the company of Vivos is growing a new interesting business.

The company has built a nuke-proof bunker in the Mojave Desert and offers to its clients a facility, where to live, if the Doomsday comes.

mojave desert

The interesting fact is that, the company has collected enough deposits to fill this bunker with people that truly fear from the end of the world. According to the president of the company, Doomsday is surely very close, since the political climate reminded him of the Cold War era.

Robert Vicino said also he doesn’t want to promote fear and is offering places in his bunker, because sooner or later the human will need shelter to hide from nuclear attacks. Surprisingly the company has a lot of clients.

As for the bunker, it is equipped with anything a man can need to survive, including gym areas and other pleasing services. The bunker is built with 132 places and it is 13,000-square-feet.

This might sound funny, but actually the news is just another reason to think about the environment and the ecology. In the recent years going green and preserving our nature are serious issues and millions of people are putting a lot of effort into the matter.

But is this enough and is it for real, since a place in a bunker costs $12,500 and this, alas is already a business?

Should we hide or should we prevent it?


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