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Recycled Products For Your Everyday Needs

Recycled Products For Your Everyday Needs

As technological advances have been a part of everyday life, so does the demand for consumer markets to produce products needed for daily use. Technology has also given individuals the chance to live longer and the human population rises each day. The truth is most of our resources are excessively being used up to cater […]

mojave desert

Paranoid Enough To Pay A Fortune For A Doomsday Reservation?

Ironic and as a proof we are living in fearful times, the company of Vivos is growing a new interesting business. The company has built a nuke-proof bunker in the Mojave Desert and offers to its clients a facility, where to live, if the Doomsday comes. The interesting fact is that, the company has collected […]


Bikes – Not Fast But Green And Parking Efficient

In case you don’t know, May 21 is the National Bike to Work Day. Millions of people on the planet will go to their work places using bike as transportation. The meaning of this day is actually to spare the ecology from one day, filled with bad gas emissions and to show that bikes are […]

water depth infographic1

Water Depth In The World (Graphic)

It seems the oceans of the world are doing their best to show that global warming is a fact. It is common knowledge that the world waters are rising because of the poles “melting” so monitoring it is a very good idea. But out of the need to know basis, the people should do this […]

nuclear power plants

Is Finance Responsible For Stopping Nuclear Power?

Nuclear power industry has always been a problematic industry. There are always questions, when it comes to nuclear power building and solution. Recently in UK there are some debates about the future of this industry, since the authority is planning to build new nuclear power plants, which are going to clean up the existing atomic […]

cigarette butts

China Researchers Using Cigar Toxins For Saving Pipes

According to a scientific research of a Chinese team, recycling cigarette butts can actually help protect steel pipes from rusting. The amazing research comes after the scientists have tested several chemical extracts from the cigarette butts. For those of you, who are smokers, the news is bad, because there are the toxins, which can even […]

Top 8 Benefits Of Using Solar Outdoor Lights

Top 8 Benefits Of Using Solar Outdoor Lights

Solar-run appliances are a great way to preserve energy and lessen your carbon footprint on earth. You can also use solar appliances outside of your home, such as using solar outdoor lights. This is a very practical way to conserve energy, however just because it’s practical doesn’t mean that they are less aesthetically appealing. In […]

soil microbes

Carbon Generating Microbes About To Reduce The Carbon Footprint

Recently there is a new scientific theory, which will perhaps be called revolutionary and gave the world interesting ideas how to reduce the carbon dioxide. The scientists have observed soil microbes, which are different forms of bacteria and fungi. They have found out that these soil microbes hastily exhale CO2, when placed in warmer conditions. […]

Organic Crib Mattress For Your Little One

Organic Crib Mattress For Your Little One

The rising number of product recalls in the market, especially for babies and children, has raised awareness for parents to be more careful when it comes to buying products. Nowadays it helps to pay more attention to the things we use, as well as those for our family, such as hygiene products, toys, and even […]

samsung green energy & healthcare

Samsung Makes Huge Steps For The Environmental Cause

Recently one of the biggest companies in the World, Samsung, revealed their environmental plans. The company is going to invest over $20 billion into green energy and health care. The investment will be applied in the next decade as the company is planning to improve its business plans about energy, health and ecology. The spokesperson […]