Organic Crib Mattress For Your Little One


The rising number of product recalls in the market, especially for babies and children, has raised awareness for parents to be more careful when it comes to buying products.

Nowadays it helps to pay more attention to the things we use, as well as those for our family, such as hygiene products, toys, and even bed mattresses.

Toxic chemicals about in commercially produced products, and we may not realize it but bed mattresses are also storehouses of toxins and germs.

The organic crib mattress has become the mattress of choice for parents for numerous reasons.

Your baby will spend 70% of their time sleeping, so you would want to make sure that they are sleeping and resting in mattresses of only the highest materials and best quality. Many of today’s regular mattresses can have side effects for your baby, such as:

  • The materials made, such as wool, can cause your baby to have allergic reactions and colds.
  • The materials are breeding grounds for germs and dust mites.
  • Regular baby mattresses make use of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), which is recognized as one of the most toxic and environmentally harmful plastics today.
  • Almost half of the material of baby mattresses is made up of Phthalates, which has long been associated with harmful disease such as cancer and asthma.

On the other hand, an organic crib mattress is made entirely of natural materials. They are even more comfortable and softer, because of the naturally produced textiles used in production.

The price of the organic crib mattress and a traditional mattress doesn’t really differ greatly, as you can have the option of choosing from several different brands to suit your budget. Here are other benefits of using an organic crib mattress:

  • No chemicals are used in producing an organic crib mattress. Your baby’s sensitive skin will be prone to absorbing the chemicals they are exposed to, and the fact is that babies sleep for most of the time so the exposure risk is definitely very high.
  • Although chemicals used as a fire retardant are also used for producing regular mattresses, an organic crib mattress makes use of natural alternatives to fire retardants, still keeping your baby safe as they sleep. Manufacturers of an organic crib mattress are still required to follow local government flammatory regulations.
  • Organic crib mattress makes use of materials such as organic wool, which is flame and bacteria resistant. This will make sure your baby is safe when they sleep, and provide added protection against germs and bacteria.
  • The manufacture of the organic crib mattress allows air to flow more freely in and out, thus helping your baby breathe better. The added circulation will also help your baby sleep better, while also helping to prevent allergies and other respiratory problems.

Your baby deserves only the best. Providing an organic crib mattress for your child ensures that he or she remains safe and comfortable even if in the crib.

Organic Crib Mattress


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