NASA Robot Working On Ocean Energy


NASA surely knows how to surprise us, when it comes to environment and ecology care. Their latest robot is an invention, which can perform a series of new eco friendly actions and it is made with newest technology available.

The Solo-TREC diver can dive and swim without any time borders, because of its unique way of powering. Its source is actually unlimited and is nothing else than the ocean temperatures.

ocean going robotThe thermal energy from the ocean temperature is the only fuel that the Solo-TREC needed and used on its first test last year on the coast of Hawaii.

There the robot was making three trips per day and was tested as the best, when it comes to collecting information from the bottom of the ocean.

The robot will be used as a researcher for the ocean salinity.

The successful invention, which was created in a completely green environment, is entirely eco- friendly and just the first step, which NASA plans to take in this direction.

According to several sources, NASA is going to release more robots and will use them for the control and monitoring of the ocean conditions. The plans of NASA are to monitor all of the world oceans and get more detailed information.

The Solo-TREC doesn’t require a battery, so we are expecting the next step to be developing similar devices for different environmental goals.


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