Living Green For A Better World


Making the switch to live sustainably doesn’t have to be difficult.

If you want to start living green, you can begin by making small changes at home and in your office.

Sooner or later your conscience to live with as little carbon footprint on the earth as possible will come naturally.

Living green is important, because of the current crisis on the climate and the environment. Instead of waiting for things to get better, we should start making small changes that will benefit the planet, and eventually our children and their children.

In your own little way, you can help fight global warming and provide a better future for the next generations.

Here are some ways you can begin living green:

  • If you are using a desktop computer, you may wan to switch to a laptop as it uses only 1/3 of the energy required compared to a desktop.
  • Small, simple habits in living green such as turning off lights, appliances, and unplugging them when not in use will decrease the demand of energy from fossil fuel plants and eventually decrease pollution.
  • Take public transportation to work whenever you can, or share your car with someone else. This will reduce the emission of toxic chemicals into the air that harms our ozone and contributes to global warming. Even better, walk whenever you can.
  • Use organic and biodegradable alternatives to your household products. This living green tip will not only benefit the environment but also the many farmers and small communities that produce plant products that can be used for our homes.
  • Another way you can start living green is by using biodegradable soap for yourself and for washing clothes. The water may end up in the sea and using biodegradable soap will lessen its impact on the planet.
  • Dispose your waste in the proper place. Proper garbage disposal avoids your trash filling up in landfills which will take millions of years to decompose, only contributing to burning and more pollution. Have a proper disposal for biodegradables, non-biodegradables, and plastics.
  • If you have a baby, start them living green as soon as they are just infants by using reusable diapers. We don’t realize that disposable diapers are one of the biggest pollutants because they are difficult to decompose, not to mention the fact that each baby uses thousands of them in their lifetime.
  • When you go shopping, avoid using plastic by bringing your own bag. Plastic bags take millions of years to decompose, and just end up in landfills. Reduce your waste and start living green by using large, reusable shopping bags.
  • Choosing food products that have been grown locally or regionally close to your home lessens your carbon footprint because you are choosing products that needed less transportation and therefore fewer emissions into the air.  In the same way, you can also begin living green by using sanitary products that are local instead of using expensive, high-end goods that were produced abroad.


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