Keep Your Blood Sugar Level Low With Organic Sugar


Every day, we use various amounts of sugar in the many things we eat. Sugar also has important nutritional value, and we all know that large amounts of sugar are bad for our health. Therefore we look for natural alternatives to it.

Artificial sweeteners became a popular alternative to refined sugar for a while, but research came out showing drastic effects of artificial sweeteners.

In addition, they didn’t taste as good as regular, refined sugar. But now there’s another better tasting and healthier alternative in the form of organic sugar.

Organic sugar refers to sugar made from the sugar cane and grown using organic methods, without the use of artificial fertilizers and pesticides.

On the contrary, refined sugar goes through a lengthy process; one that involves using chemicals to speed up the growth of sugar canes.

The process to create organic sugar involves only 50% of what is used to create traditional refined sugar. However, this does not affect the quality and taste of the sugar produced, in fact many claims that organic sugar actually tastes better. There are also other benefits to using organic sugar:

  • There are no harsh chemicals involved that may have side effects. Refined sugar commonly contains sucralose, which is derived from chlorine. Sucralose has been linked to issues of digestive problems.
  • The texture and character of organic sugar has more moisture, giving it a nice caramel-like taste that refined sugar can’t match.
  • It is healthier for the planet and for farmers. Pesticides and other chemicals used in making refined sugar are released into the ozone layer, contributing to climate change.
  • The process refined sugar goes through hardly leaves any vitamins and minerals in the end product. What is left is just a form of refined, pure carbohydrates which the body cannot utilize because of the lack of essential proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Organic sugar on the other hand keeps the sugar product’s nutrients intact, and easy for the body to digest and absorb.
  • When our body digests and processes refined sugar, it basically drains our entire system of vitamins and minerals, which contributes to the phenomenon we know as “sugar rush”. The sudden intake of large amounts of sugar puts the body into shock and therefore gives us a temporary “high”, and this is also why we feel sluggish and sleepy after the sugar rush. Organic sugar has a purer end product, and doesn’t give us that temporary rush and high.
  • Sugar is associated to weight gain because the end product is nothing but empty calories. The sugar cane contains minerals our body can utilize, which can only be consumed through organic sugar.

Organic sugar can also produce different varieties of sugar that are ideal in our many daily needs and uses for sugar, such as pastries, baking, coffee, food, and many others.

If you still aren’t convinced about why organic sugar is better for you, here are a number of factual reasons why refined sugar is unhealthy:


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