Is Finance Responsible For Stopping Nuclear Power?


Nuclear power industry has always been a problematic industry. There are always questions, when it comes to nuclear power building and solution.

Recently in UK there are some debates about the future of this industry, since the authority is planning to build new nuclear power plants, which are going to clean up the existing atomic waste.

This so far sounds good and doesn’t hide a risk for the ecology. There is now new problem – the finance.

nuclear power plants

According to many, the only obstacle to creating new green nuclear power plants are the lack of clear financing and investments, which are not sufficient for such a challenge.

The UK government has strong requirements for the nuclear industry and recently has cleared the main requirement for the nuclear power in its environmental and ecology statement.

There are many critics about it, but the authorities will not block the plan for creating new plants in the UK.

The problematic spot is the public subsidy. There are not enough subsidies for building green plants.

Experts are stating that building the nuclear power plants can be done through benefiting from nuclear waste facilities, but cleaning the atomic waste and other requirements will cost nearly £70 billion.

Therefore, the question about the nuclear power plants will stay open.


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