Green Tips To Keep Your Cosmetics Chemical Free


Cosmetic products have always been a concern to the ecologists and experts in green products. This is an issue, because often the cosmetic products labeled as green ones are actually dangerous for our health and environment.

Here are some chemicals, which you need to avoid, in case you are going for green cosmetic lines. One of those chemicals is the so called” antibacterial”.

They are based on different chemicals, but the triclosan often used for antibacterial soaps is actually dangerous, for it is affecting the testosterone activity in the cells. Try regular soap instead and trust it is the good old way to kill the germs.

In case you found out that in your product, there is a chemical called DEA, simply avoid using it. DEA is also known as hormone disruptor and can cause a lot of issues for your health.

Perfumes also hide a risk. The simple label “fragrance” actually hides an ingredient called phthalates. This chemical may lead to obesity and affects the reproductive system.

The phthalates is often a basic ingredient for most essential-oil fragrances, so change your perfume or seek an organic perfume line. Formaldehyde is also a bad chemical to consider. It is actually toxic and can cause problems to your immune system.


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