Easy Green Tips For Simple Living


There is nothing wrong with thinking of our environment’s state and coming up with green tips on how to preserve it.

It is awareness of the current problem of mass production, industrialism, and advancement in society that is seen as the first step in accepting green tips and their purpose.

It is human responsibility to take initiative and take charge of his personal and everyday consumption of resources that are available before we are left with depleted resources and an irreversible pollution problem.

Although, the sad truth to it is that a lot do not seem to concern themselves with the current situation, and just go about with their everyday lives.

This is the reason why those who are aware and those who care have practiced green tips passed on from one individual to another in hopes of changing the habits of everybody involved.

Like mentioned earlier, the first step is awareness. Knowledge of the current status of the environment should be taken seriously. There are a lot of green tips that people practice in their own homes, and here are some of them that you may want to follow as well:

1. Recycle newspapers and magazines

    The amount of paper made in a month’s time numbers to a quantity more than we can imagine. The growing number of human population pushes forth a demand for more production of paper[paper recycling] which, in turn, demands more trees to be cut down. green tips is one of the most practical green tips to follow, and they can be used for other household purposes to be used later on.

    2. Recycle bottles

      This green tip show us that it is more cost efficient to reuse old bottles to contain water we use when we are out.

      It saves the environment to use them again instead of throwing them away they will be burned in waste compounds and eventually contribute to harmful toxins to the environment.

      3. Use energy saving bulbs

        This is the most cost efficient, green tip solution possible to conserve energy used at home. It uses up less energy which in turn lowers electricity bills and electricity consumptions.

        4. Do not use dryers

          Cloth dryers consume too much electricity just to dry clothes. It is an advisable green tip to use natural ways of drying them by simple hanging them outside for the sun to do its job. It saves a lot of money and very light on the bills.

          5. Conserve gasoline

            If it is possible to use non gas powered vehicles, then do it. There are alternatives such as walking and using a bicycle. It is also a good idea to plan your trips to maximize your time and minimize energy wasted.

            Whatever the case, green tips should be an everyday lifestyle that should come natural to us. In essence, it is the responsible choice to follow. Another responsibility we should take into consideration is to set an example for others to follow.

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