China Researchers Using Cigar Toxins For Saving Pipes


According to a scientific research of a Chinese team, recycling cigarette butts can actually help protect steel pipes from rusting. The amazing research comes after the scientists have tested several chemical extracts from the cigarette butts.

For those of you, who are smokers, the news is bad, because there are the toxins, which can even kill a fish. Despite that, the toxins can be a good thing for the pipes.

cigarette butts

The researchers found out that the cigarette butts, when in water are releasing extracts of N80, which is a sort of steel protection, generally used in oil pipes. Therefore the scientists can beat the pipe rusting with the toxins from the cigarette butts.

Recycling the cigarette butts is the way the scientists will try to apply their invention. The statistic about it doesn’t look very pleasant. Neatly 4.5 trillion cigarette butts are ending in the environment each year.

This is dangerous for the ecology, so recycling the butts will be great news. So far the scientists are trying to find the right method for recycling the cigarette butts, because it is difficult and requires special practices.

The idea was welcomed by the public opinion and probably the Chinese team will continue to seek ways for recycling the cigarette butts.


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