Carbon Generating Microbes About To Reduce The Carbon Footprint


Recently there is a new scientific theory, which will perhaps be called revolutionary and gave the world interesting ideas how to reduce the carbon dioxide.

The scientists have observed soil microbes, which are different forms of bacteria and fungi. They have found out that these soil microbes hastily exhale CO2, when placed in warmer conditions.

soil microbesIf the temperature goes higher, the microorganisms start using less carbon in their respiration process, which means they actually reduce the CO2 emission in the atmosphere.

The process of course is a lot more complicated, but it shows the ability of the bacteria to reduce the level of carbon emissions in an efficient way.

The research is actually a good base for further study about calculating the exact C02 emissions created as the temperatures go higher. By now, most of the researchers have claimed exactly the contrary of the Californian team research.

Despite claims to the contrary, the Californian team research have found the support of other scientist and will continue to observe the soil microorganism and their role for reducing the carbon dioxide. The study is now a subject of several public disputes.


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