Cape Wind – Green Energy And The Power Of Cash


In a century of green power devices, wind farms turn to be a profitable investment and lately anyone, who wants immediate profit, is investing into implementing new green powering technologies.

The example with Cape Wind is just one of the many cases, where ecology mixes with business. The result is sometimes disappointing and faces a lot of criticism.

wind farmCape Wind is known as the first offshore American farm. The farm isn’t functioning yet, but there is already a buyer for at least half of the electricity the farm is going to produce, when opened.

The company that is going to buy electricity from Cape Wind is the energy brand National Grid.

Despite many attacks against this deal, it is already official that Cape Wind Associates and National Grid made a power purchase contract. The ecologists aren’t surprised by this move; just the time when the agreement was announced is ironically 10 days after the wind farm won its approval.

This is just another issue that shows the real problem – potential investors, which are going to buy pure energy and resell it on higher price. According to the contract between the utility provider and the wind farm the commissioning was done for a 15 years interval. The sad news for the clients of pure energy is that the prices will rise with 3.5 percent annually.

In the end, anything we do it’s always about money.


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