Bikes – Not Fast But Green And Parking Efficient


In case you don’t know, May 21 is the National Bike to Work Day. Millions of people on the planet will go to their work places using bike as transportation.

The meaning of this day is actually to spare the ecology from one day, filled with bad gas emissions and to show that bikes are the greenest way for public transportation.


The entire week has been devoted to the efforts to commute to work by bike. The League of American Bicyclist is sponsoring a lot of events, linked to the bikes and is organizing events for bikers all over the country.

If you want to join the green initiative, look for the nearest bike event and you will see that using bikes is actually more than fun. It is healthy for you, for the environment and the bonus is that you will not have to seek parking places and deal with the horrible morning traffic.

In case you want to participate in the events of the Bike to Work Day, simply go to their web-site and find out more about the initiatives in your location. At the end of the day, there will be events with live music, snacks, free T-shirts and meetings with the other bikers.


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