A Smart Energy Grid Can Help A Private Residence


According to a recent study for the Colorado Public Utilities Commission, a smart grid will actually help the residence by consuming efficiently the electricity.

The invention will surprisingly lead to a lot of options, when it comes to green energy and electricity consumption efficiency. According to the Colorado research team, the smart energy grid can replace the old national network and will add many new opportunities for the consumers.

The smart grid will manage monitoring, control and analysis, as it will guarantee an efficient transmission without any lack of electricity. The good news is that the grid will actually help reducing the consumption of energy.

The invention works through a special transmitter that will provide energy only with fiber-optic cable, broadband or Wi-Fi. This will improve the power system and will reduce the energy waste.

The plans for the smart energy grid in Colorado seem to be already a reality. Nearly 200,000 smart meters were already installed in the state, as the plan goes even more optimistic.

The Public Utilities Commission is expecting that by the end of 2015 over 52 million smart meters will be installed all over the U.S. The process is observed by the authorities, agencies and companies like Microsoft and Google.


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