Will Wind Farms Make A Difference For The Future Of Our Civilization?


The Big boom in the construction of the wind farms was in the early 80s. We know wind produced energy is the most clear type of energy, but there is also negatives. The main criticism of wind power is related to the environmental damage.

There are experts that point out that wind turbines are to blame for the deaths of migratory birds. Nearly 130 international studies show a risk for certain animal species, as well as for the ecological system. Despite them, producing wind farms is now a large practice worldwide.

wind farmsAnother problem, especially for those living close to wind farms is the background noise. When working, the humming generator creates about 100 decibels force in the immediate vicinity.

With a few hundred meters away from the noise, the perception is a force of 45 decibels, which is within the norm. Still the mass producing of wind farms hides risks.

According to new researches, mass producing of the wind farms actually affects the environment in several ways.

One of them is that they might also affect precipitation in the mid-latitudes of the northern hemisphere.

Experts are worried about several factors, but no one really could answer one question. Will wind farms make a difference for the future of our civilization?


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