What Makes A Scientist Depart? Is Losing Hope The Reason?


Perhaps you never heard about Anthony Hedley, but in Hong Kong this man is a legend, especially when it comes to air quality.

The ecologist, who invented the Hedley Environmental Index, is now 69-year old and he will leave forever the city, he was observing all his life.

His index is one of the most important in Hong Kong, for he tracks the economic costs and public health of the city pollution in real time. The ironic news is that Hedley is leaving the town exactly because of the huge air pollution.

Hong Kong is one of the cities with high indexes for air pollution and green house gas emissions. The ecologists explained his decision, because of his respiratory problems he can’t live in the town. He also explained to the journalist he is going to live in a place with less pollution.

Another ironical fact in the story is that typically Hedley is one of those scientists, who has been warning about the extremely high risk for the people living in high polluted cities.

According to the last researches, Hong Kong is going to top the list of dangerous cities with poor air quality. The news has been provocative, because it opens several questions about the future of the biggest cities. If leading ecologists are going to leave these towns, what will happen to other people?


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