Volcanic Ash Pollutes The Europe Sky And Keeps People Stranded In Airports


The black volcanic ash that is spreading from Iceland continues to hamper flights over Europe, but the consequences are likely to affect air traffic globally in next days. The ash is spreading all over the Europe and causing pollution of the airspace. Thousands of people are blocked at the airports as almost all of the airports in Europe are closed until the sky is clear again.

The Volcanic eruption of Eyyafyalayokul, which has paralyzed the air traffic in half of Europe, could harm people with respiratory problems, said the World Health Organization (WHO).

icelands volcanoThe experts of the organization are claiming that could be the only problem caused by the volcanic ash.

They also explained that the atmosphere has a strong dilution effect, and the wind dissipated the cloud, which means that the amount of dust reaching the ground is very small.

Yet, the prognosis of the experts is that the volcanic ash is going to circulate all over the Europe in the next few days. The bad news is that researchers in Iceland are warning for new eruption of the same volcano that is active. If that happens, the financial losses will be billion of dollars.

According to the statistic, around 6 million passengers are affected by the current difficulties, caused by the closing of the airspace in Europe. It is expected Europe to restore its flights on Saturday, when ten European countries will open their sky again.


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