Volcanic Ash and Europe Flight Chaos


Thousands of planes across Europe remain grounded for a fifth day after the Eyjafjallajokull eruption on Wednesday. The new eruption on April 15th, is located under the glacier, which melted the glacier and flooded the south of Iceland.

Gases from past large volcanoes have actually lowered Earth’s temperatures, triggered lung ailments, caused acid rain and thinned our protective ozone layer. The flights are canceled due to the volcanic ash and the air traffic across northern Europe disturbed.

“Basically, planes and volcanic ash don’t mix,” Elizabeth Cory, a spokesperson for the Federal Aviation Administration, said today. “When ash is ingested into the engine, it creates problems for the plane, including electrical failure.”

Why are volcanic plumes so dangerous?. See how the volcano disruption and the resulting smoke and ashes disrupt the flight travel.

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iceland volcano1

Image source: Elpais.com


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