The Newspapers On A Screen Rather Than On The Blood Of The Tree


The giant Apple has confirmed that the Wi-Fi version of the iPad will be available in the U.S. by April 3. Apple iPad will be with an estimated price of $ 499 for 16 GB model.

The company is now expecting a real boom on the market. Apple iPad will certainly change two things – less paper and less killing of the trees. The entire green system of Apple’s new gadget is a revolution.

apple ipad 01Long after the onset of the first displays based on electronic ink, E Ink Company has easily coped with the competition from similar products, but after Apple iPad tablet is placed on the market, the situation may change radically. The appearance of this device is good news for the environment and will change entirely the re-usage for the magazines and papers.

apple ipad 02According to the statistics half of the glossy magazines and papers in the U.S. cannot be reused and end up on the landfills. E-paper will perhaps conquer the world, because it is more economical and more convenient for reading. Experts claim that after the iPad the world will save major percent of trees and paper.

Apple iPad producers are now dealing with the biggest publishers, which are going to insert the revolutionary system.


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