The Best Of The Best In Green Inventions


The green technologies are going to a brand new level that surely can impress anyone interested in a green life style. One of the surprises this year is releasing the Asus U-series bamboo laptop. It is actually good news for the eco lovers. This isn’t the first bamboo notebook from the brand, but it surely the most environmental friendly one.

The bamboo laptop is powered by Intel’s Core i3, i5, and i7 processors, as well as entirely new system that help to reduce e-waste.

Another best green product this year is YoGen Charger. Its revolutionary system is already praised as a step into a greener future.

YoGen represents a portable dynamo that use some form of kinetic or human-induced power. The good news is that the charger is super eco-friendly and doesn’t take half day to charge your gadgets.

Another green product that grabbed the attention is the Bedol water-powered clock. This amazing clock runs only due to water system and doesn’t require anything but water.

Its system is special and uses a special tank with tap water and small amount of table salt. The clock doesn’t need any battery or solar power charger. It is a simple example of water powering generator in a mini size.


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