Smaller Engines For Greener Cars And So Much Greener Transport


The green cars revolution is now facing the same old argument about luxury, efficiency and speed. Until now there were different standards when it comes to hybrids with small green engine, as well as different ones for the luxury battery cars.

The Hybrid Scorecard will change the system. It is an online tool made by the Union of Concerned Scientists that determines the values of the hybrid cars. The special tool is also extremely useful, because it is the first tool that gives the vehicles an environmental score and hybrid value ranking.

hybrid cars

The scientific team states also the new goal of the biggest green car manufacturers, which are trying to improve the speed of their vehicle and in the meantime to keep their green innovations.

The best example about this new tendency is the Mercedes-Benz S400 Hybrid. The company has already observed the benefit of smaller gasoline engines inserted into luxury hybrid models. So was born their latest Mercedes model.

The engine was downsized and it is able to improve the overall fuel economy. Mercedes was the first company that actually adopted the small engines into their luxury hybrids.

This combination allows the hybrids to have smaller environmental footprint and significantly improved speed. After Mercedes, BMW and other major auto manufacturers also followed the idea for combining hybrid drive train with small engines.


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