Ship Transportation Will Have To Get In Line With Environmental Rules


The last reports of the International Marine Organization showed very interesting facts about cutting the emissions from the ship transportation. According to experts, slow-steaming of the ships is actually able to reduce the greenhouse emission with an impressive figure.

If the ships reduce their vessel speed, they will be able to cut more than 30 percent of greenhouse gas emissions. According to recent studies in the sector, the best way to reduce emissions for transport companies is to engage in trading emissions.

container shipAccording to the conclusions made in the report, the introduction of taxes on fuel for transport companies will have a positive effect, but would have more benefits to their inclusion in emissions trading, as the generated funds will go towards the development and implementation of clean technologies.

There will be a possible delay of the supplies that are transported with ships, but this won’t cause a dramatic effect.

Another way transport companies can reduce their carbon dioxide emissions is the usage of prefabricated containers for transport. The official statistic shows that deceleration leads to a reduction of the generated emissions, because it reduces friction considerably.

Experts claimed also that even the air planes can easily reduce their emissions with at least 10 percent if they reduce the maximum speed of their flies.


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