Power Pack For Light Ecological Travel Available To All


In a world, where the goal is totally inserting the solar products into wider usage, there is a brand new technology that is a step up into greener life. The Power Pack is the first solar technology that produces solar bags.

One of them is the Tonino Lamborghini’s bag. The bag is the first to entirely join the new solar technology by using a special panel, which is thin, flexible and absorbs the sun rays in a special way.

power pack solar bag

In case you are wondering why this is needed, just take a look at the options of this eco-friendly bag. Its special technology contains of dye-sensitized solar cells that are able to trap a significant number of wavelengths in less space.

This is possible due to wrapping each individual particle of a conductive layer in light-absorbing dye molecules. This ability allows an amazing option – the bag can charge a cell-phone for 6-8 hours, no matter if indoor or outdoor.

Carrying light solar panels is just another approach to a sustainable living and it costs less. Nowadays light solar materials are more preferred due to their cheap price and their portability.

Experts are expecting also a huge boom of light mobile materials and even creating Plug-and-Play Panels made with the same technology.


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