Organic Gardening And Its Many Benefits


The popularity of organic gardening has increased in the past decade, especially with more concerns being raised that people want less chemicals and toxins being placed in the soil along with their plants and vegetables.

It’s also much very beneficial to the environment, which is why farmers, gardeners, and hobbyists alike have switched to organic gardening.

The general difference of organic gardening to conventional gardening lies in the fact that we work together with nature to grow and sustain our garden; instead of working against it and using chemicals to hasten their growth or make them bear fruit faster.

Further, organic gardening is all-natural without the use of harmful insecticides, pesticides, and commercial fertilizers.

You might be wondering what it is they see in organic gardening. It’s because there are many ways you can benefit from it such as:

  • Burn more calories through organic gardening, because unlike conventional gardening which makes use of machines, you are required to do things manually such as the pulling of weeds and cutting down of grass. You should also apply fertilizer manually.
  • Conventional gardening makes use of toxic chemicals in pesticides and fertilizers, exposing you and therefore making you more prone to sickness. Pesticides have been shown to have largely damaging effects on those who are exposed to it a lot. It is commonly linked to various types of cancers and can also affect the nervous system. On the other hand, organic gardening uses all natural products that won’t harm you or your plants.
  • You will be eating more nutritious food than what you will have produced through conventional gardening. Food grown using organic means retain their nutritional value, therefore loading them up with antioxidants. Plants grown through conventional methods prevent many compounds including flavanoids and antioxidants to grow; however organic methods promote the growth of antioxidants.
  • Your food will not only be more nutritious but will also taste better. Many people swear that the vegetables and fruits produced through organic gardening have a purer, more delicious taste that conventional farming can’t beat.
  • The food you produce through organic gardening will not only taste better, be healthier, and be more nutritious but it will also last longer. Many studies have shown that organically produced goods have retained longer shelf life, as compared to food that has been manufactured with chemicals and additives.
  • Through organic gardening, you will be able to enjoy a healthier and livelier garden. Soon enough you will witness colorful blooms and a healthy ecosystem, which would otherwise have been killed by the use of chemicals.
  • Many claim that the benefits of organic gardening even benefit the soul and the spirit. The feeling of the sun, nourishing life forms from seedlings until they are full grown plants, removing the weeds, and other tasks associated with gardening have positive psychological and relaxing effects. Additionally, watching over a seedling until it grows and matures, and eventually flowers or bears fruits provides a positive feeling of satisfaction and responsibility for life.


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