No Bees To Pollinate The Trees: What Next For Our Beloved Planet?


Farmers and scientists join together in a test, which is going to be extremely important for the population of trees and the agriculture in California. The team of researchers points out the possibilities of less bee population, which can lead to a serious problem for the nature. If there are no bees to pollinate the trees or at least they are not enough, what will happen next?

That is exactly the question what the scientists are trying to deal with. Luckily, they have found an option that can work in near future. Perhaps you never heard of self-pollinating trees, but this is exactly what can replace the role of the bees.

There are many sources about the self-pollinating trees, but what is known is that this tree variety has been in development for nearly 10 years now.

pollinating trees

The Almond Board of California is responsible for its growth and development. The board was investing in this project, because the members were worried what will happen if the bee number declines.

This is how they decided to grow self-pollinating trees. In California there are now nearly 40 acres planted with this special tree variety called Independence.

For now, the scientists, farmers and businessmen are cooperating, in order to expand the new tree variety and ensure their future. Even so, the self-pollinating trees will need at least 8 years of developments before stepping into the commercial market as a real opportunity to replace the old species needing bee pollination.


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