Mercury Interfering With Rice Production


According to a new research in China, millions of people are in risk of eating toxins. These toxins contain an amount of mercury and the surprising news is that they are in our food.

In case you think they are in the fish foods, this isn’t the truth. According to the Chinese scientist, mercury-laced food is actually the rice. This news is extremely disturbing, because as we all know rise is the basic food in Asia.

The research was done in cooperation between China and Norway. It focused on regions, where people are consuming a lot of fish and others, which are having rice as a basic food at their tables.

The result is disturbing, because actually it displayed that rice accounted for 94 to 96 percent of the probable daily intake of methyl mercury. This so far isn’t the whole trouble.

The trouble is that this kind of mercury is the most dangerous form of it. It can cause several diseases such as raising blood pressure and heart attacks risk, especially among the adults.

If the children are consuming more rice than usual, they are put at risk of diminishing the IQ and get other illnesses. The research is now taken very serious and so far, there will be new tests and examinations, which will have to discover how to eliminate the amount of mercury in the rice.


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