How Healthy Is The Air We Breathe Inside Our House?


Have you ever thought about how clean actually is your indoor air? It is well known that cars, power plants and other outdoor transportation are causing air-pollution, but according to experts indoor air can be 10 times worse than the air you breathe outside.

indoor air pollution

This is explainable due to several facts. The National Safety Council is stating that we are spending 65% of our time inside our homes, where actually the air is more dangerous than outside.

Microbiological pollutants such as pet dander, mold and plant pollen can combine and transform into bad chemicals like radon, which is the main reason for allergies, asthma and other diseases.

There are methods to reduce the air pollution at home, but first you need to understand what causes it the most. The elements, which are harmful for our air and our health, are often simple to find out – it can be the dust on our furniture, the cleaning products we are using or simply some fabrics that contain chemical pollutants.

Absorbent fabrics, some drapes and carpet can really help to trap dust, mites and some allergens. The usage of green products at home also reduces the toxins. There are also other products that can keep good quality of your indoor air, but still think twice what products and goods you are using at home.


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