Green Food, Green Wine For A Green World


There are simple ways and steps anyone can do for a better and greener future. At the market now are thousand opportunities to change your life and to start over with green products on your table.

In his last book “Sustainably delicious”, Michel Nischan is offering a new look to the way we are having our food and in general, about the way we are helping our nature.

For instance, the author is suggesting changing the way you eat not only because this way you will live longer, just because it is more delicious. Go for the local food that any near grocery shop is offering. Lately there is a tendency in the grocery shops to offer vegetables, fruits and milk, grown in the nearest farms.

fruits and vegetables

Choose vegetables and fruits that are grown with the lowest pesticides and try to find the way to eat organic food. Even the biggest chains are now making efforts to sell different organic foods.

Try the organic wine, which is made of organic grapes, which is now produced by several organic farms with new goal – to provide biodynamic wine production, which is more clean and sustainable than the organic wines.

The author of the book is also advising to consider the idea of growing your own vegetables and fruits at home.


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