Gary Neville Sets Example For Correct Environmental Behavior


There are a lot of people branching out to other fields experiencing something new and politically correct. For example, actors are now suddenly becoming peace ambassadors for the United Nations and footballers and basketball players are now thinking of the environment.

Everyone is trying to join the green bandwagon and common people, like us should eventually follow the example.

There are really a lot of things that you can do especially if you’ve suddenly become popular and you can get people listening and sharing your opinion. People may be skeptical about all this “doing good for society eventually comes back to you as a reward for your actions”, but, the thing is, there might be something real to acting smart and taking into consideration the greater good.

Celebrities, sometimes, find the courage to step forward and use their public image to serve a noble purpose.

Gary Neville is one of those guys that had the courage to make a necessary step to do something real and make his intentions known by acting accordingly and being part of the bigger plan to protect the planet.

He drives a hybrid car which is something that really shouldn’t make the front page news because there are a lot of celebrities that are actually trading in their high-consuming sports cars for a more economical hybrid car, powered by electricity or alternative fuel, acting responsible in the case of preventing pollution.

Gary is really into this green movement, probably after watching the notorious movie: “The inconvenient truth”. He declared that the film has left a strong impression on him and motivated him to focus more on the results of his actions towards the environment.

Gary declared he knows that buying hybrid cars will not do the trick because they still use electricity and to produce this wonderful commodity, power companies still need to burn oil and other fossil fuels, so these actions basically destroy the purpose of using a hybrid.

What is a big surprise to everyone is that, Gary has submitted house plans for the creation of an eco-home that is supposed to become the jewel of his eight million pound estate. This seems to be so radical and it proves that he is taking green living quite seriously.

There are other eco homes that are being built in the world today but this particular design it is said to actually be so advanced and so eco friendly that the British government wants to use it as a model for other zero-carbon projects.

The house looks fantastic and so out of this world and it certainly seems unlikely that a footballer will be living there. The petal like structure looks like some spaceship that has landed on this planet.

It’s amazing how a footballer being so aware of the world’s future has the power to destroy stereotypes by his actions. It is definitely something that is out of the ordinary and quite refreshing to see in the society of today.

There should be more houses like this and being green should not mean that you should live in a mud house. You can build something as beautiful as this, using green materials that are safe for the environment. So, kudos to you Gary… This is definitely a wonderful home.


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