Freeze Food For Smart Food Resources And A Greener Lifestyle


According to the ecologists, freezing the food is another healthy and eco way to keep your food safe.

In fact, experts point out that freezing is older than we could ever think and that actually helped many species to preserve themselves.


The food we are freezing is actually a smart way to keep our sources and to eat them with their significant healthy elements whenever we want. In case you are going to freeze fruits, deep freezing is perfect for them.

It is easy to freeze your fruits and most of them don’t require any special conditions. Bags are perfect for preserving the fruits. Only the stone fruits need to have their stone removed before freezing. You can keep a fruit healthy and ready to be eaten at least 1 year. After freezing, simply remove the skin.

When it comes to freezing the vegetables, they require more care than the fruits. Some vegetable needs to be blanched first, others are ready for deep freezing only after peeling their skin.

Sliced green beans, peas, broad beans and sweet corn can go without blanching, but any other vegetable should be blanched. It is needed in order to disrupt their enzymes and preserve better their texture.


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