Eco Behavior And The Many Excuses Behind It


When looking at the daily news covering what is going on with our planet we are tempted to think that the apocalypse is near and somehow our beloved Earth is sick of putting up with us as a species so it has decided to sign our extinction.

If we are close of far from the truth it is for us to decide. The time spent watching the news is the time spent using electricity. The newspapers we read, the food we eat, the garbage we leave behind …are all examples how far we are from the ideal Earth inhabitant.

geothermal powerIf we stop for a second and consider our options clearer, so many times we make a choice in our everyday life and the environment is the last thing that comes into our minds.

Are we to think that people wouldn’t choose a smart energy house fueled on geothermal power, use cars running on bio fuels or focus on recycling everything that comes out as garbage from our day to day life?

We all smile at the thought of living inside an energy smart house, with low or no electricity bills, where everything cleans smartly without using detergents and everything we eat is 100 % organic and healthy. So, a very good guess would be that not we as common consumers are the ones not opened to a greener life.

In a society in which the best car brands are about to go on alternative fuel, giants of the oil business are paying big money to convince us how unreliable is this option.

The news of the Earth deteriorating because of us are becoming more convincing every day and none of us bother to actually consult the science publications .

We are inoculated with the panic but not the need to stop it. And as surprising as it may seem, the consequences are available all over the web.

The consumer in us is educated to bow before the opinion of the media and to develop his or her behavior reported to this opinion. We are conditioned to believe what we are told.

So if 2012 will be advertised for a long time as the end of our civilization by the vengeance of the Earth, because of the changes we caused, we will be mighty disappointed if that does not happen.

Yes. The Earth is getting warmer, the energy resources are diminished by the second so the creativity of the human kind is daily stimulated to create others.

We may not be yet responsible enough to become the sensible consumer and watch our carbon print so it will not damage our beloved planet.

But knowing that we matter as a species and that we can make a difference may be a lot more effective than apocalyptic threats hidden inside Hollywood blockbusters.


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