Coca Cola – Not Showing Responsible Behavior In India


Coca-Cola is usually a company that makes a lot of efforts into ecological and environmental issues. Lately the company is accused in corporative bad practices, when it comes to their Indian market.

One of the biggest companies in the world is now blamed for not showing a responsible behavior by several ecological and non-governmental institutions.

According to them, Coca-Cola is not open with the investors of the Indian market and covers the truth about an important fact – the environmental damages in water-stresses parts of India.

A month ago the state of Kerala has been insisting Coca-Cola to cover the damages that the company causes by its bottling plant in a local village. The published reports displayed damages for over $48 million. This is a figure, which Coca-Cola needs to cover.

One of the committees in Kerala, which is fighting against the pollution that the company causes, is claiming that the brand needs a new environmental plan in India.

According to Kerala’s Agriculture, Groundwater, Health and Pollution Control Departments, the company has been polluting the water resources ever since it has entered to this Indian province.

If Coca-Cola doesn’t take an action, it could face criminal charges. However, there are no actions taken from the company so far. The spokesman of the brand said the accusations are false and unfounded.


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