A Green Car Is About To Bring The Revolution Both In Auto Industry And The World


We already knew that green cars will rule the industry and sooner or later we are going to change the common cars with green hybrids, battery cars or hydrogen fuel cell powered cars. Despite the prognosis of the experts, green revolution on the road is rising with each passing day.

hydrogen car

The new opportunities offer a lot more options than 2-3 years before. Another example of the green car boom is River simple. Their concept electric car is a model that is powered by hydrogen fuel and possesses unique technology. The River simple car runs on a 6kW fuel cell and has a fuel consumption that is equivalent to 300 miles per gallon.

The good news is that the greenhouse gas emission is cut to almost three times less than a normal car. The open source concept of this car experiences a new system of development of green technologies in international plan. Anyone could offer and develop these ideas about improving the car’s technology.

This allows better and improved technology, as well as some really innovative ideas for the concept of the car. Another good idea about this hydrogen fuel cell car is that their producers are going to offer a new business model.

Instead of selling the car, they will release it under an open source license that includes leasing. This will make the super new ecological car more available for the clients around the globe.


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