Wheego Whip Life – A Small Toy Like Ecological Wonder


Wheego is a small brand new designed eco-car and perhaps you haven’t heard of it. This is because Wheego is a project of a small company with only 5 employers. Their aim is to deliver battery cars that possess all kinds of eco driving techniques.

Wheego Whip LifeWheego is for those drivers that insist on the quality and the compact design. It can get 90 miles on a charge and it is super maneuverable.

The car is extremely light and it is made with a 28-killowatt hour battery set. Its electric motor is capable of 60 horsepower and its options allow alacrity on the road.

Wheego Whip Life 01Wheego is a two-seated model and its smart design has options such as dash monitor with gauges for your charge state. This brand new stunning eco car will have a lower price than other eco-cars.

Wheego will be available in June for $32,000. By now the company sold over 300 electric vehicles.


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