What To Look For When Buying A Green Laptop?


There are certain brands, which many claim to be green laptop should possess. The first and the most significant one is the mark of the Energy Star. Energy Star is a program certificated by the U.S. Department of Energy and indicates the energy efficiency of the device.

Every label, that is making improvements and reduce the energy wastage hold this sign of Energy Stat. Another symbol of green devices is the EPEAT rating.

Green  laptopsEPEAT addresses the recyclability of your laptop and it is a system, invented by the Electronic Products Environmental Assessment Tool.

Any laptop with their sign means that it is recyclable and environmentally friendly. In case you want to make sure your laptop doesn’t contain hazardous substances, seek a laptop, marked with RoHS standards.

This is the symbol that shows restriction of hazardous substances in your laptop. Another green sign is the Greening Efforts of Laptop Manufacturers that shows the green efforts in manufacturing the device.


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