Water Purification With Ancient Tradition


According to the official statics over one billion people drink water that is not exactly pure and the risk of diseases and viruses increases dramatically. The NGO Water Aid launched even more stressful facts – 1.2 million children are dying every year due to illnesses, caused by dirty water.

Moringa OleiferaThe researchers are trying their best to find a way to purify the water with improved techniques, but the question is – when this new technique will be delivered to the poorest countries, where the water is without any sanitation?

The answer of this question is clear and anyone knows that the third world countries are going to face even more problems due to bad conditions and water, filled with bacteria and diseases.

There is only one hope and a cure, which might actually solve the problem. An old Indian method for purifying the water is the low-cost decision, stated by the experts. Indians have been using the Moringa Oleifera, a tree that has the natural ability to do water sanitation. According to Canadian researchers the usage of this plant is going to reduce over 90 percent of the bad bacteria in the water.

The plant is growing near water and it is one of the oldest ways for water sanitation, given by the nature. This simple and low-cost nature technique will be spread around the areas with water problems. That isn’t general solution of the problem with unclean water, but is the most simple and easiest way to prevent death caused by diseases from infected waters.


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