Tokyo Motor Show Redesigned To Produce “Cleaner” Cars


car cleanJapan seems to be more focused on the “cleaner” cars than many other auto producers. Their motor show could be considered a dream for anyone interested in seeing a wide array of green cars in one place.

For the most recent motor show, although not many foreign automakers attended, the Japanese automakers came out in force with cleaner, eco friendlier cars that will most likely soon become the standard for cars rather than another type.

The hybrids are not only more environmentally friendly, but also have more miles per gallon, like the Toyota Sai, which will be going on sale in Japan in December.

There is also the line of electric cars that were on display at the show as well. Toyota also had a Prius Plug-In Hybrid on display that contains lithium-ion batteries.

Other concept cars like the Honda EV-N have a solar roof which in turn charges motor which is battery-powered.

The cleaner car trend is becoming cooler because the look of the cars is sleek, trendy and lovely to look at and it does not hurt that some of the more well known brands like Toyota and Nissan are responsible for these creations. Green is in, they understand this and they are moving with the times rather than standing still.


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