Think Green, Repair Instead Of Replacing


What do you do when something is broken? The standard answer would be – buying а new one! Think twice and think greener! Far better turns out to be the repairing, especially of those broken devices, which are powered by electricity.

dryersFor instance, according to experts the lifetime of a washing machine is around 14 years. In case, you don’t know, washers aren’t exactly green. The best you can do is to replace all top loaders with Energy-stars labeled loaders. This is a requirement, if you want to save water and energy, plus this way you are saving money, hence the water and energy-saving systems are reducing the amount of the energy.

The situation with the clothes dryers is also under suspicion by the green experts. Producing one new dryer consumes more energy, than repairing the old one. Experts points out that there is no significant change in clothes dryer development.

The dryer’s life cycle is 13 years, so the best you can do is to fix it in this period. If you really do need a new dryer, then look for models with a moisture sensor in the drum.

They are said to be less energy consuming, but however dryers are still one of the largest energy consumers in your house.


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