The Truth Behind The Principles Of Green Architecture


Designing architecture includes choosing the right materials at the right time and adding the technology to bind them together in the right place. This is perhaps the simplest way to look at the architecture.

The green one specializes on the basic architecture techniques using sustainable materials that on the long run will not harm the environment.

To consider a building with the “green” label, both the construction and the design must be ecological. The two main parts: the construction materials and the design project, should match sustainably processed principles which are also non harmful from their origin.

The principles must contain the architectural understanding of an ecological structure. This structure also has to integrate in the environment without harming it. This is the basic step that needs to be followed when differentiating the standard architecture from the green one.

The benefice of green home bears the motivation of finding energy efficient techniques while suggesting new technologies and methods to aid the process of integrating them in sustainable building. Those energy efficient measures may include solar thermal or geothermal heating and ecological cooling techniques and the use of special materials that have a low or no impact on the environment.

If a green architect is to be chosen, then it is recommended to ask around to get few names and meet them all for a broad vision. Explaining the purpose of the projects and connect it with all the ideas inside your mind is a well thought step that will help to put a bright perspective on the table sooner. The techniques, as well as the ideas are important to discuss while going for green architecture.

Some of the things a green architect bases his work on is minimal impact over the environment.

The large majority of the necessary materials are found at the construction site. From digging up the foundation a green architect would use the soil to build the walls. Of course this is an ideal concept towards many people focusing their building plans.

The buildings based on the concept are very efficient from heating point of view being very warm in winter and very cool in summer. They do not require air conditioning and the construction site does not leave garbage behind.

The final purpose of the individual buildings as well as the ones from a town’s stricture must hold the energetical equilibrium during their whole life which will include the energy stored in the construction materials, the construction techniques and the steps of renovating and remodeling.

The orientation of the construction style towards the green architecture and the increase of the human apetite for a symbiotic relationship with nature is not only a step in reducing pollution but also one connected to the human psychology.

The man is and will always remain a component of the natural universal system. Denying this truth will lead to lack of harmony and that is what a green architect should have in mind when creating a house.


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